CIP exhibitions feature exceptional photojournalism and take place in Perpignan several times a year. Below is a selection of some; you can find the full width of exhibition in the CIP archive.

Rent an exhibition

The CIP organizes exhibitions designed in partnership with independent collectors, photo agencies or photographers.

They are available for hire provided that the organization concerned pays:

• Renting fees
• Transportation costs
• Insurance costs

For more information about the exhibitions proposed to rent, their authors, their availability please contact the CIP.

If you would like to be informed about new exhibitions, please send your details by e-mail at the CIP.

Exhibitions catalog

Jesse A. Fernandez – Tours and detours of the Cuban Revolution :
69 prints blw – size 50 x 60 cm and 80 x 120 cm
Author: Jesse A. Fernandez

Following the running waves of the Caspian Sea :
100 prints blw and color – size 50 x 60 cm and 80 x 120 cm
Author: Stanley Greene

A Nation ripped-apart, 1936- 1939 :
100 prints blw – size 50 x 60 cm and 80 x 120 cm
Authors: AFP, collection Michel Lefebvre, Archivo Fotográfico Guerra Civil-Fondo Documental Mario Blanco Fuentes, Collection BDIC, Université Libre de Bruxelles