CIP exhibitions feature exceptional photojournalism and take place in Perpignan several times a year. Below is a selection of some; you can find the full width of exhibition in the CIP archive.

Une guerre sans nom, 1954-1962 Algérie

Exhibition "Une guerre sans nom, 1954-1962 Algérie"
Centre International du Photojournalisme
Couvent des Minimes - Rue François Rabelais - 66000 Perpignan
Free entrance from Tuesday to Sunday, opening hours 11 am to 17:30 pm

When we think about how the Algerian war has been photographed -a huge amount of photos remains- memory resurfaces, we identify a disproportion between snapshots and photographs taken by the French or the National Liberation Army (ALN). We are aware of the disparity between the amount of photos taken by the French and the soldiers in Algeria, on one side, and the Algerians, on the other side. We are aware of this.

The exhibition displayed at the "Centre International du Photojournalisme" and the
"Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes" is entitled: A War with no name, 1954 - Algeria - 1962.

We have decided to show about a hundred of photos taken by photojournalists famous for capturing a moment: Marc Riboud, Raymond Depardon, Pierre Boulat, Pierre Domenech, Doctor Jacques Hors, and the Fonds Bailhache.

At the Memorial de Rivesaltes, the photos don't show scenes of war, but striking photos of the arrival and departure of members of the FLN as well as the arrival of Algerian auxiliaries of the French Army in France.

Jean-Jacques Jordi.

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Résidence 2017
Pour la deuxième année consécutive, le Centre International de Photojournalisme accueillait, un photojournaliste en résidence.
Après Claire Allard en 2016, c’est Jc Milhet qui fut choisi en début d’été 2017 pour assurer la résidence de deux mois, en octobre et novembre dernier - résidence partagée entre pédagogie et création d’un photoreportage.

C’est ainsi que près de 250 élèves de 11 classes de 8 établissements, du CE1 à la Terminale, ont travaillé avec le photojournaliste sur des projets, adaptés à leur niveau d’étude, ayant tous une même thématique : Frontières.

Ces travaux seront exposés du 30 janvier au 31 mars 2018 au Centre International du Photojournalisme, Couvent des Minimes, à Perpignan. 55 images composant 5 photoreportages seront accrochées sur les murs du C.I.P. en lieu et place de l’exposition permanente et 126 portraits d’enfants recouvriront le parvis du Couvent des Minimes, à l’entrée du Centre International du Photojournalisme.

Exposition du 30 janvier au 31 mars 2018
Centre International du Photojournalisme
Couvent des Minimes - 24, rue Rabelais
Entrée gratuite du lundi au vendredi de 11h à 17h30

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1917, the Revolution that Changed the World

Exhibition at the Couvent des Minimes from October, 17 to December, 17.
Opening time from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am 17:30 pm.

The Russian Revolution changed the world, and also changed the way of seeing the world. The Soviet Union produced a single aesthetic style: political revolution, social revolution, and design revolution went hand in hand. And photography played a key role in this revolutionary zeal. Pictures were to be produced to advocate ideas, and it was the case for both filmmakers and photographers who embraced Bolshevism in what Alexander Rodchenko called changing points of view. The classical vision of the Russian Revolution and the birth of the Soviet Union came as a ready-made package provided by Russian propaganda agencies where there were some of the leading photographers (e.g. Max Alpert and Ivan Shagin) and leading designers (e.g. Gustav Klucis and El Lissitzky) producing some of the finest reviews and magazines and the most handsome books. But hidden behind the formal beauty of the work were falsifications and manipulation, neatly removing many of the figures in the revolution who went missing in both real life and photographic records. […]

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A nation ripped apart 1936-1939

An overview of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), which resulted in the death of 500,000 people. This exhibition takes place at the Couvent des Minimes in Perpignan and the Rivesaltes Camp Memorial, March 17th-May 17th, 2017.

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Following the Running Waves of the Caspian Sea

Following the Running Waves of the Caspian Sea is a photographic voyage by Stanley Greene. Known for pushing the pictural frontiers of war, the American photographer retraces his memories here by going through his archives for the first time. The exhibition presents twenty years of travel with unpublished images from Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, shot both in color and black and white. Photographs of forgotten conflicts and the ghosts of war, here we see Stanley Greene’s signature rawness liberated from editorial constraints.

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Jesse A. Fernandez

An overview of the work of Cuban photojournalist and painter Jesse Fernandez (1925-1986) who covered Fidel Castro’s Revolution before fleeing his country and also shot portraits of several great 20th century artists.

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Exhibitions catalog

Jesse A. Fernandez – Tours and detours of the Cuban Revolution :
69 prints blw – size 50 x 60 cm and 80 x 120 cm
Author: Jesse A. Fernandez

Following the running waves of the Caspian Sea :
100 prints blw and color – size 50 x 60 cm and 80 x 120 cm
Author: Stanley Greene

A Nation ripped-apart, 1936- 1939 :
100 prints blw – size 50 x 60 cm and 80 x 120 cm
Authors: AFP, collection Michel Lefebvre, Archivo Fotográfico Guerra Civil-Fondo Documental Mario Blanco Fuentes, Collection BDIC, Université Libre de Bruxelles